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Since 2007, Brain Works has been helping turn learning struggles into learning abilities!

Since 2007, Brain Works has been helping turn learning struggles into learning abilities!

Our goal is to help people learn in the most efficient way possible and help people learn better by improving their cognitive functioning. At Brain Works, we are committed to helping your child improve their thinking and brain function: we teach your child how to learn.

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How Does Cognitive Skill Training Differ from Tutoring?

Cognitive skills are those needed to process sensory information. They are important in childhood development and for learning at every stage and grade level. For the most part, cognition requires learning key skills, which help one better remember, analyze, evaluate, and compare information. Cognitive skills training focuses on these underlying skills. On the other hand, tutoring mostly involves repeating information already taught, without addressing the underlying cause of one’s difficulty.

What makes brain works different?

By focusing directly on the root cause of learning struggle, which is an underlying weakness in cognitive skills; we help struggling students overcome life-long symptoms of learning disabilities.


A student's ability to keep the eyes and mind on a task long enough to gather all pertinent...


It has long been known that certain kinds of information may become trapped in various areas of...

Directional Awareness

Directional awareness is the skill of movement or sequence. Seeing “b” as “d,” or “p” as “q,”...

Eye Tracking

One of the major visual skills needed to perform the act of reading is the ability of the eyes to...

Figure Ground

The process of Figure Ground is the ability to focus on the “figure” or the important stimuli...

Motor Match

Motor Match is the ability of the brain to respond within a given time frame. A weak motor match is...


This is the skill we use in determining where we are in relation to our physical and emotional...

Size Perception

The skill of size is the skill we use in understanding volume. When perception is too large, tasks...

Do you have a struggling student?

Do you walk them through homework step by step because they have poor focus? We help struggling students overcome life-long symptoms of learning disabilities.

Quick Faq

Brain training is a learning process that trains the cognitive skills used by the brain to think and learn.

Brain Works focuses exclusively on training the underlying cognitive skills that make learning possible.

We provide fun and challenging non-academic training procedures one-on-one! It targets and strengthens the student’s core mental abilities (i.e. processing speed, attention, memory, auditory/visual processing, logic and reasoning).

3 Ways to Test Processing

Watch this video. Andrew explains how Brain Works can help by demonstrating 3 simple processing exercises!

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Turning Learning Struggles Into Learning Challenges!

Brain Works - Turning Learning Struggles into Learning Strengths!

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