How Our Programs Work

Brain Training Services in Utah

At Brain Works, we teach your child how to learn. Our programs differ from private tutoring in that they don’t focus on a particular lesson or topic, but the cognitive skills required to think, learn, read, and memorize. Unlike tutoring, we get to the root of learning difficulties and the neurological processes involved in acquiring new skills and information. 

Our Company Was Founded in 2007

Since 2007 Brain Works continues to pursue its mission of helping people throughout Utah learn.

How Our Programs Work

How Our Programs Work

Learning difficulties carry through years of schooling, and often not because a student can’t learn. It’s because they may lack one or more cognitive skills, such as attention, memory, auditory processing, or concentration. Brain Works focuses on how students process information. Our services aren’t like traditional one-on-one tutoring. It’s not the subject being learned that is the focus, but the skills needed to process and retain it.


More About How Our Programs Work

Students can learn to improve their outlook, behavior, and articulation to overcome challenges. We start with a free assessment of your child and the root causes of their struggles. With effective cognitive skill training, they have more potential to succeed in reading programs and in other subjects in school.

Our cognitive training program focuses on a few key aspects.

Effective Processing

A processing deficit involving memory, attention, or auditory or visual processing can have significant impacts on reading and learning. For example, all processing skills are needed for reading fluency. Visualization, integration, and processing speed are also important skills that Brain Works improves.

The Learning Process

How Learning Works” is a key target of our cognitive training protocol. It doesn’t focus on a single-subject tutor, but rather how one processes the information obtained through their senses. Our assessment can determine what cognitive skills your child needs work on in under two hours.

How the Brain Works

The tens of billions of neurons in the brain are interconnected, and each brain cell can have over 1,000 branches. One cell can have thousands of connections. The more there are, the stronger your neural pathways. Stronger pathways mean the brain is more efficient at processing the information it receives. Mental exercise and problem-solving are just a couple ways to train the brain.

Attituce and Symptoms

Children who lack processing skills often avoid homework or a tutoring center altogether. They often feel disappointment, uncertainty, and a lack of acceptance. It’s not uncommon for one to realize their struggles, but not know the solution. Brain Works quickly identifies processing inefficiencies and works to train and strengthen cognitive skills.

Our Courses

Our primary flagship courses that Brain Works offers

Brain Training 101


  • Designed for Utah parents concerned their child may be at risk, the program offers mental and physical exercises to strengthen cognition. 

    The course addresses key skills such as concentration, memory, and comprehension.
  • Program Duration: 3-Months
  • One-on-One Training: Yes
  • Personalized Custom Course

Brain Training 102


  • Innovations in neuroscience have moved beyond memory training to recognize the fact IQ can be improved through proper training. Practice makes perfect, but knowing how your brain receives, processes, and stores information can increase control over your learning ability. This process is known as Mind-Mapping Therapy.
  • Program Duration: 4-week
  • One-on-One Training: Yes
  • Personalized Custom Course

We Have 8 Convenient Utah Locations

To learn more, take a free assessment online. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment in Logan, South Ogden, Bountiful, Provo, or Draper (we also offer house visits in Cache, Davis, Juab, Morgan, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties) so call: (801) 997-1334.