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Cognitive and Memory Training Through Brain Training in Utah

Brain Works offers individualized sessions with children, involving their parents, that focus on a technique much different than one on one tutoring. Rather than focus on a particular topic or subject matter, as traditional private tutoring often does, we offer cognitive skills training that targets core learning processes. Mental exercises help improve memory, reading ability, and concentration and can be participated in at any of our nine training centers in Utah and Idaho.

parents helping child with homework

A Cognitive Training Program Focused on the Learning Process

Thinking, remembering, learning, reading, paying attention, and cooperating with others all require cognitive skills. These skills include sustained, selective, and divided attention. Long-term and working memory, logic and reasoning, auditory and visual processing, and processing speed are also individual cognitive skills a child needs to acquire and practice.

Brain training targets all these in helping a person to learn and think more efficiently based on neurological processes. Our senses pick up sights, sounds, and sensations. The information becomes electrical impulses that travel to the brain. All arrive simultaneously but, without efficient mental processing skills, your perception is not as clear and accurate as it can be.

By becoming more efficient at processing information, people have a heightened sense of perception and are better able to respond accurately to stimuli.

little girl getting tutored

Learn to Think with Our Cognitive Skill Learning Center

Our services enable Utah parents to be engaged in sessions that strengthen their child’s cognitive memory skill learning. Somewhat comparable to physical therapy, physical sensory activities stimulate neurological pathways, while cognitive training helps a person choose the best way to process what they’re learning, by increasing awareness of how the brain receives, processes, and stores information.

Brain Works’ techniques are suited for anyone trying to improve their learning skills, or who have learning difficulties. In fact, the process focuses directly on root causes, rather than providing a tutor to repeat information not being processed. Our strategies can, however, improve your child’s success in a tutoring center. They have helped many students overcome their learning disabilities and correct cognitive weaknesses.

A Clear Path to Cognitive Skills Training

Brain Works does more than with helping memorization. Many Utah parents spend hours searching for “tutoring near me.” Our program hones key cognitive skills, including:


A student's ability to keep the eyes and mind on a task long enough to gather all pertinent information can have a profound effect on how the student learns.


It has long been known that certain kinds of information may become trapped in various areas of the brain by ineffective processing.

Directional Awareness

The skill of movement or sequence. Seeing “b” as “d,” or “p” as “q,” reading “was” as “saw,” writing from right to left and not knowing right from left are all symptoms of low directional skills.

Eye Tracking

One of the major visual skills needed to perform the act of reading is the ability of the eyes to track. During the act of reading, the eyes must accurately follow the lines of the text and move precisely from one word to the next.

Figure Ground

The process of Figure Ground is the ability to focus on the “figure” or the important stimuli against a background of competing stimuli. The volume of stimuli coming to the brain at any given time is incredible.

Motor Match

The ability of the brain to respond within a given time frame. A weak motor match is often a problem for students who have difficulty with reading fluency.

Visual Memory

Particularly important in the process of reading. The brain treats each word as a shape. Each word creates its own unique shape, which the student must immediately recognize.


This is the skill we use in determining where we are in relation to our physical and emotional world. Frequently, low positioning will cause an inaccurate perception of one’s relationship with others.

Size Perception

The skill of size is the skill we use in understanding volume. When perception is too large, tasks may be seen as overwhelming. When perception is too small, tasks may be left to the last minute when completion is impossible.

Contact Us to Get Started

These are all essential skills. A student may be intelligent but still show signs of learning difficulties. If they’re lacking any in a series of important cognitive skills, that can be the reason why. Brain Works employs programs that have had measurable results and profound impacts on the learning ability of children in Utah and Idaho.

We offer many programs that involve parents so you can with your child at a cognitive skill learning center. Our services are available at eight locations in Utah.

Brain Works is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.-8:30 p.m.; and Saturday from 9:00- a.m.-1:00 p.m. Contact us via email at or call 801-997-1334 for information or to set up a cognitive skills assessment.

Take the First Step to a Faster, Smarter Brain