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Are you seeking to impact people and make a difference for struggling learners? Brain Works has a great business opportunity for you! At Brain Works we use the latest research and hands on cognitive exercises to address learning difficulties from their core. The need to tutor these individuals with constant classroom material is no more! Our programs can simply develop the core processing abilities which stand in the way of classroom and life success. Focus, Memory, and Comprehension struggles, including Reading, Math and Spelling difficulties cause the classroom to be frustrating and difficult. Tutoring can’t address the roots of the struggles, Brain Works programs can. Many struggling kids and adults perform 2 years or more below ability level. For over 10 years Brain Works has offered successful programs able to fill the gap between performance and grade level. This program is unlike any other program available. There is a high potential for growth and success. If you are a teacher, professional, or seeking a startup business our programs produce proven results. A Brain Works program license is a new and unique opportunity that offers great flexibility and pays your heart and pocket. If you have interest in a business please contact Brain Works at 801-997-1334 or email at