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Turning Learning Struggles Into Learning Abilities! Get your child or student back on the path to learning. Brain training uses fun (but intense!) mental workout sessions to target weak skills.

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Are you (or someone you love) struggling with learning, reading, remembering, or paying attention?

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If so, the first step is to call a Brain Works Brain Training Center near you and schedule a Comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment.


In less than 2 hours we will identify the root cause of the challenges. We use the Comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment to identify and measure any cognitive weaknesses, and to identify the best brain training program to target and train those weaknesses. Taking the assessment does not obligate you to sign up for a Brain Works brain training program and, in fact, will provide you with helpful information whether or not you decide to pursue brain training. In fact, after taking the assessment, many families report experiencing an “Aha!” moment as they gain insights into the cause of the challenges that have been impacting daily life.


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