The best part about the Brain Training program is that most students need little, if any, follow up beyond the initial program.
Cognitive Training 101

Cognitive Training 101

When prospective clients consult with Brain Works, they often ask, “Will this help my child?” The answer is YES!

Our method can help them learn faster and maximize their potential while boosting the learning process. The brain training program can help improve learning, reading, and math skills, but it is uniquely focused on cognitive skills improvement.

Cognitive skills are those needed to process sensory information. They are important in childhood development and for learning at every stage and grade level. For the most part, cognition requires learning key skills, which help one better remember, analyze, evaluate, and compare information. 

Has the past school year left you frustrated, burned out and wondering if your struggling student made any progress? We can help!

At Brain Works, we are experts at overcoming obstacles that prevent your son or daughter from achieving scholastic success