Brain Processing Learning Program

Brain Works’ programs help children and adults much more than traditional tutoring can because it goes beyond helping them master a subject; rather, it helps them improve their thinking and brain functions.

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Our Programs

The first step to a faster, smarter brain is scheduling an assessment.

  • To determine the right brain training program for your child, we need information.

We get that information several ways:

  • We complete an evaluation of the symptoms you are experiencing or observing.
  • We conduct a comprehensive case history.
  • And finally, we administer a Cognitive Skills Assessment test in your home or in our Draper office.

Got a struggling student?

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The Cognitive Skills Assessment is not for the purpose of diagnosing medical or psychological issues, but solely to help us identify weaknesses in brain skills so we can target them with customized brain training exercises to achieve the most dramatic results.

  • By combining the information we get from these evaluations and assessments, we determine the very best program for your child.

What's Best for Your Child?

  •  By combining the information we get from these evaluations and assessments, we determine the very best program for your child.

Here are some additional reasons that we test:

  1. To identify improvements our students make after brain training.
  2. To give you the data that you need to make informed decisions about the value of brain training for your child.
  3. The professional testing tools we use include the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities & Tests of Achievement.
  4. These tests are the gold standard of cognitive skills testing, and are used across the country to measure brain skills’ strengths and weaknesses.

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Brain Works Cognitive Skills Testing in Utah

Is Your Child Struggling in School?

If learning problems continue from one school year to the next, cognitive skills testing and Brain Works brain training can make a difference!

  • Does your child or student have difficulty listening, following directions or doing homework?
  • He or she may fight frustration every day. They may even be called lazy, unmotivated or a "problem student."
  • If this has been said about your child or student, the real problem may not be a lack of motivation or proper instruction. Rather, they may lack sufficient cognitive processing skills.
  • In other words, your child or student may be able to see or hear information, but cannot identify, interpret, comprehend, remember, or stay on task.
  • If your student is struggling, call us.

These key skills are every student’s foundation for successful learning, and if overlooked, can create lifelong problems.

Throughout our program, students are paired with their own private training specialist. Through this one-on-one relationship, the Brain Works Program is designed to produce big improvements quickly for every individual.

Who Needs Brain Training?

Most of us. Lots of students struggle in a particular area. Brain Training is designed to make improvements in cognitive funtions across many areas.

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Some particular areas brain training can improve include:

  • impulsivity
  • listening
  • inattentiveness/concentration
  • memory
  • reasoning
  • motor skills
  • reading